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Tetra Tech-Designed FEMA App Launches on iOS and Android 

Tetra Tech-Designed FEMA App provides preparedness information, alerts, sheltering and assistance information
Bluewater Federal Solutions, part of the Tetra Tech Federal IT Group, supported the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to redesign and develop the new FEMA mobile app to support disaster survivors.
We are proud to be critical enablers for the FEMA mission of helping people before, during, and after disasters.
Scott Rieger, Unit Operations Director, Tetra Tech Federal IT Group

Tetra Tech’s FEMA digital communications and content support services team contributed to the largest update to the FEMA mobile app in a decade. The new and improved FEMA mobile app for iOS and Android is designed to empower survivors, enabling informed decisions about disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. The updated app features improved look, feel, and functionality that aligns more closely with survivor feedback and current FEMA branding.

“We are proud to be critical enablers for the FEMA mission of helping people before, during, and after disasters,” said Scott Rieger, unit operations director in the Tetra Tech Federal IT Group. “This was a major team effort, and we are very excited about the improved features, capabilities, content, and mobile accessibility provided to the public with this release.”

For the past year, our team has been working to redefine the mobile app, making it more intuitive, streamlined, and useful for community members while adhering to strict Department of Homeland Security (DHS) privacy, security, and accessibility requirements. The app includes a new software framework and architecture and a major redesign to improve the survivor experience.

Key new features

  • Easy navigation—All the core elements of the FEMA app are now in one consistent navigation menu, making the app simpler to explore
  • Personalization—Users can choose a main location to get nearby weather and emergency alerts in real time
  • Recovery FAQs—Users can explore a library of post-disaster frequently asked questions (FAQs) to get critical information when they need it most
  • Emergency shelter and disaster recovery center (DRC) search—An enhanced look and feel makes finding nearby shelters and DRCs easier than ever
  • Preparedness 101—Users can learn how to prepare for disasters with engaging slideshows

Tetra Tech has supported FEMA’s digital content and communications program since 2007. In addition to our FEMA mobile app support, we have spearheaded major redesign and feature improvement efforts for,, FEMA Careers,, and DIAMOND. Tetra Tech’s disaster and emergency management experts also have decades of experience supporting FEMA short- and long-term recovery, mitigation, and preparedness programs.

Congratulations to everyone involved! Download the app on iOS or Android.

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