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One Water Solutions

Tetra Tech employees wearing lime safety vests and hard hats walking in a line next to a stack of pipes

Tetra Tech’s industry-leading One Water practice delivers innovative and sustainable solutions to support resilient water futures for our communities.

We bring together the expertise of talented engineers and scientists from around the world to partner with our clients to capture, treat, distribute, and recycle the essential resource of water.

Aerial view of the Fort Pierce Marina artificial island complex that Tetra Tech designed

Coastal Resilience

Landscape view of a dam

Dams, Levees, and Reservoirs 

An expanse of open ocean with digital elements shown in the sky above

Digital Water

Water flows out of a faucet against a blue background, representing Tetra Tech’s drinking water services

Drinking Water

Green graphic depicting abstract molecule structures

Emerging Contaminants

Hand cupped beneath faucet with clean water flowing

Global Development Water Security and Sanitation

Image with a blue tint depicting steel pipes

Industrial Water 

A close up of a plant growing out of soil


View of Cheonggyecheon Stream in Downtown Seoul, Korea


Cityscape with water in the foreground and a sunset showing through the buildings with overlaid digital elements representing Tetra Tech Delta

Tetra Tech Delta

Aerial view at night of wastewater treatment plant, filtration of dirty or sewage water


Aerial view of Amazon rainforest

Water Resources Management 

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Create a sustainable future with us

Our people around the world are supporting our mission and vision for a sustainable world. Join us today.

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